Medical Wellness

This is not a traditional doctor office visit. Rx2Care Clinic visits are grounded in the philosophy of Functional Medicine. We offer solutions that take a thorough look at multiple labs, nutritional, micro nutritional, along with genetic, physiological imbalance that could be the root of your illness. Your visit is handled by well-trained Functional Medicine providers who evaluate a patient’s unique circumstance and identify a deeper cause behind your illness.

Corporate Wellness

A visit to a doctor can be challenging when you’re juggling a busy career. The Concierge Style Care Visit is designed to fit into your schedule. Benefit from our State-of-Art Functional Medicine care providers, who provide a complete care treatment plan at the end of your visit. They’ll also provide an initial lab assessment that gives you the onsite benefit of care in minutes, and gets you on your way with your complete treatment pack, otherwise known as our Wellness CareKit.


Introducing Wellness Philsophy

The Team uses innovative technology to provide comprehensive updates of your loved ones around the clock as well as emergency response with just one tap.


Corporate Wellness

Wellness Team provides competitive and quality workshops and consults to assist clients in the optimization of their health, wellness and vitality.


Concierge Style Wellness

We work in conjunction with micronutrient products in relation to providing wellness workshops and consults to our patients toward enhancing wellness and vitality.

Every patient deserve an individual solution

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