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For New patients: Step 1: About your Labs

The coordinating involves thorough tests of your body functions and this is done at the cellular level. Our staff will contact you immediately to coordinate your first test. The payment process for your labs is easy to follow and is done online. Just be sure to complete the form below to get the first lab test: your wellness IQ test below.

For New patients: WELLNESS IQ

On your initial 30-minute visit, a lab test gives you control of your health by providing immediate health feedback. This biometric lifestyle strength and deficiency test is designed to positively affect your understanding of your health. You will work with one of our nurses who will create an in-depth health profile based on your lifestyle, health, and family history

Schedule Your Wellness IQ Today

For New patients: Step 2: Join US FOR THE JUMP START WORKSHOP!

Because we know that the transition into wellness can create anxiety, stress and frequently induce the yo-yo diet resulting in failure. We have a structure sequence of events and activities that will provide support across the bridge to success. 

Our workshop and online webinars are designed to support your clinic visits and your treatment goals. We want to ensure that you un-package and implement your care plan and get the best results. These on-boarding online workshops are designed to do just that. Join us to get your wellness back on track!

Holiday Wellness seminar ! When: Monthly, What: Workshop topic: Give your body the energy from the cellular level while making minor changes to your habits to lose weight overnight. Where: Online How: Sign up to learn

Existing Patients Step 3: Follow-up & Routine Visits


This clinical lab is design to evaluate your progress and give you detailed information about your body’s adjustment to the care plan. We offer the advantage of our state-of-the-art medical clinic, where our lab team will use cutting edge testing to examine your body’s functions at the cellular level. Your results will help us create an individualized treatment roadmap to treat your illness and meet your wellness goals.

For your routine doctor’s visits we accept the following insurances:

United healthcare, AETNA, ● MEDICARE, ● CIGNA, Harvard Pilgrim, Blue Cross,MASS_HEALTH, TUFFS, FALLON, NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH and more!

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Wellness IQ

Your wellness IQ will give you reduce the anxiety that frequent cause failure on your wellness journey. Your goal is one step away. Just complete your payment and you will be on your way to wellness. 


Wellness Blue Print

Your wellness print is needed for the doctor to get information about your body function, Complete your payment online and the wellness staff will confirm your visit promptly.