Frequently Asked Questions

Excellent! you made The decision to add wellness to your doctor visit.

Rx2Care Clinic is a concierge style medical facility with a specialty in wellness. How does our clinic differ from a traditional doctor’s office? Here are a few key points:

  • 1) A wellness treatment plan begins at the cellular level, and we will address your medical condition from symptoms through a solution.
  • 2) With 3 easy steps, we will discover the root cause of your medical issues, from weight gain and lack of energy, to emotional instability, depression, and anxiety.
  • 3) Our medical providers are experts in wellness, and create clinical care plans using our state of the art labs and wellness webinars.
  • 4) Because we use your own resources and focus on proper cell nourishment, our treatment plan is more affordable.

You are just 3 simple steps away from wellness!

Affordable Wellness Services

5) HMO Insurance plans require a referral from your primary care physician before your first visit with us. This is a standard procedure to make sure your insurance covers your appointment with us. With a Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO, before you call to make your appointment you should:

  • Contact your current primary care physician.
  • Let them know your intention to visit Rx2Care Clinic.
  • Ask your primary care physical for 6 visits.

6) Your primary care physician will process your request and provide you with an authorization number. You may then call our office to schedule an appointment or visit our website and click the “Become a Patient” button.

7) What if my physician won’t give me a referral?
While this is unusual, it can happen. In the rare case when you can’t get a referral, you can call your insurance provider and make Rx2Care Clinic. your primary care physician.

8) What do I do after getting a referral?
Simply call us with your referral number and we’ll schedule you an appointment! When calling, please have your insurance and credit card on hand.

Please bring any recent lab work or supplements you are taking to your first appointment.

9) I don’t have an HMO or PPO plan. What can I do?
Try contacting your insurance provider directly to see if a referral is needed and/or whether your plan covers visits at our center.

10 ) What insurances do you take?
Rx2Care Clinic. is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

11) What is your fax number?
Our office is eco-friendly, so we kindly request that you mail or email documents.

12) How do I book an appointment with the health coach?
Because we believe that your health is complex and requires a team approach to devising an optimal treatment plan, we ask that you have an initial consultation with our doctor before meeting with our health coach.

13) What should I bring to my initial consultation?
We ask that you submit our “new patient” forms electronically, and upon your first appointment please bring your insurance card, a list of all medications and supplements you are taking, and the results of any lab work you’ve had done in the past year.

14) Is there any parking available?
Yes, however to keep appointment times running efficiently, please consider traffic and travel time prior to your visit. In the event that you know you’ll be tardy, please call office to let us know.

15) What if I need to cancel or miss an appointment?
Because we have a high demand for consultations, we have a 3 business day (Monday- Thursday) cancellation policy. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled and/or rescheduled without 3 day notice, will result in a $150 fee.

16) How do I know if my doctor received my lab work prior to my appointment?
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you get your labs done at least 10 days before your follow-up appointment. This allows the results to reach us in a timely fashion. If for some reason you are unable to do so, please contact our office and we’ll happily reschedule your follow-up.

17) When should I schedule to get my labs done?
It’s best to have lab work done as soon as possible after your initial visit. We’ll advise you on completing lab work during your first consultation.

18) What should I do if I need to have a form signed?
To get forms signed in a timely manner, please contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

19) What if I have questions between office visits? What is Patient Fusion?
We require patients to enroll in a secured network program called Patient Fusion. Please call our office if you need assistance in creating your on-line account. Patient Fusion allows for safe communication between our patients and the doctor. Lab results and treatment plans will be sent to patients through this portal. Due to the sensitivity of medical issues, we kindly ask all patients to communicate with us via Patient Fusion instead of over the telephone.

20) Can Dr. Walker be my primary care physician?
If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, you can make her your primary care physician by contacting your insurance provider.

21) What is the best way to refill my prescription?
We take prescription refills seriously. We ask patients to request prescription refills within three months of their last appointment. This ensures that the doctor is current with your wellness plan and allows for any necessary adjustments to your medication dosage. If your prescription refill request is more than three months from your last appointment, please call the office to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.