Wellness Network Philosophy

Rx2Care Clinic is poised to offer the community a wellness support network group through the Needham chamber of commerce. The goal of our wellness network is to strengthen the community by giving voice to those in search of advancing their wellness or the wellness of others. Network events for this wellness support network group will be a great opportunity to spotlight your companies or individuals, or simply to share information and partner in client’s wellness success. This wellness platform will be dedicated to distributing monthly or bi-monthly meetings and will be supported by our complementary newsletter which is intended to spotlight both members and events.

Rx2Care Clinic is Medical Clinic in Needham who are specialized in Functional Wellness. Our Concierge Style Wellness Services are centered around coordination of care across disciplines. Although we are a medical clinic, we ascribe to the discipline of Functional medicine. This striving practice of medicine embraces a broad scope of practice that encompasses a whole-body approach to achieve wellness.

We believe that health and wellness are not mutually exclusive cultures. Whether you're been in wellness for years or new member of the wellness community we welcome your input, participation and encourage you to join community-based wellness network. There are areas of wellness, that have made significant impact on individuals wellness but yet are frequently silent in traditional medicine. The Rx2Care Clinic model of Functional Medicine we understand that frequently individuals goal has fewer chance of being determined in a therapeutic partnership.

We would like to engage the community or anyone who contributes to the whole person but of discipline in support of better health and wellness in joining us to develop this innovative small group wellness network through the Needham Chamber of Commerce.

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Step 1: Schedule Your Wellness IQ

The information about your biological function is frequently ignored but sets individuals up for failure. With your complete biological data with can provider personalized actionable steps and tools that put you in control of your wellness goals.

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Step 2: Schedule your Wellness Webinar

The burden of poor health, low level of wellness or even illness is one that is rooted deep in individuals life style. Our webinars with your care provider is a tools that gives you access to the root cause of your wellness hurdles but also insert  individualized care plans, tool and care support to get you the success that has been a challenge to your wellness goal.

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Step 3: Get Patient Portal to Access you Wellness Provider

Access to the tools, care provider and a safe space to gain access to vital wellness, support, tools and resources is the purpose of our wellness care portal. Whether your at home or on the go, our care support staff, tools will be there to stabilize your wellness needs. We understand that life challenge can and will try to deter your wellness need need but with your commitment, and access to our care portal your wellness is well within your reach daily.

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